Sunday October 23rd - 9:15a and 11:00a

Roots and Wings by Rev. Mike Morran

We will explore the ingredients of liberation in community: generosity, good-will, intimacy, and love.

This Week

RE is looking for a few good shelves.  This year, we’ve expanded our Montessori-style Spirit Play offerings from preschool into Kindergarten and First grade.  Our K1 classroom downstairs is in need of some short, accessible shelves in good to great shape.  We are also looking for some quality baskets and learning toys (think Melissa and Doug) to reside on the shelves.  If you have any of these items, we’ll accept donations that can be delivered to the church.

Join SURJ Denver to engage our communities in supporting two important local amendments on the ballot this year. In partnership with Together Colorado, let's get active and let folks know that Denver needs to say YES on T (no slavery, no exceptions) and YES on 70 (raise the minimum wage)!

Making a Difference

This Week in RE

Each week, this page is updated with announcements and information to help families fully engage with our Religious Exploration Program.  Please see our newest edition of the Religious Education Program Guide or our Program Specific Web Pages (listed to the right) for more information.  Please contact Erin Kenworthy, Director of Religious Exploration at with questions and feedback.



Insight is the Whole Souul Living Theme for July

An Open Letter About Brock Turner

This post is not officially from First Unitarian Society of Denver, just a personal statement by Senior Minister, Rev. Mike Morran. 


The 4th Principle of Unitarian Universalism is: “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” Certainly there is a category of empirical truth to the physical world. Just as certainly there is a category of more subjective truth that will vary from person to person. Still, in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, we take the question of religious truth very seriously. It was the search for truth and a more authentic religious experience that led us to break away from more traditional Christianity.