Sunday December 21st - 9:30a and 11:00a

Avenue UU - Holiday Pageant

A little bit Avenue Q, a dash of muppets, tablespoon of Christmas and totally Unitarian Universalist.  Come join us for this holiday extravaganza!  

This Week

What does it take to be a Sound Engineer? First and foremost, we need people who want to help keep our services humming along smoothly. All you need to be a sound engineer is the ability to commit to operate the sound at one or two services a month and a willingness to learn how to operate the sound equipment. Please read more!

Twice each month our Sunday offering is donated to causes outside our four walls.  Groups are selected by the Giving in Action Committee to best represent First Unitarian's commitment to put our Faith into Action in our community.

Making a Difference

On Hallowed Ground We Live On

Ruefully We Mourn on Hallowed Ground From Whence a Resounding Moaning Train Whistle Along the Track Assures Us  - Live On - Live On - and On


salvation, n.  A saving or being saved; preservation from destruction, ruin, loss, or calamity.


The Reason We Connect

Q: What are some of the reasons that you have become connected to First Unitarian Society of Denver?

Patrick C. - My goal as a Leadership Development Committee member is to assist in the process of identifying and encouraging new and ongoing leadership in our congregation. As background, I have been an active member of First Unitarian for over 20 years. I have served on a number of First Unitarian committees, been an RE teacher for many years when my sons were younger, and I am now completing my third year on the Board of Trustees.


"In war, truth is the first casualty."


Here in July of 2014, the news is dominated by war. War between Israel and the Palestinians, war in the Ukraine, war in Nigeria, war in Syria, war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan. NBC Nightly News last week headlined their coverage of Central American refugee children as, “War on the border,” making truth a casualty even in the absence of war. (Refugee children seeking safety and asylum most emphatically do NOT constitute a war.)

There Is A Unity That Makes Us One?

Thou art a man. God is no more.
Thy own humanity, learn to adore.
                                                  --William Blake