Sunday July 27th - 9:30a

A Different Kind of Religion by Rev. Nathan Woodlif-Stanley

If we take what we say about Unitarian Universalism seriously, what kind of religion are we, and what do we need to be?

This Week

This summer, Metro CareRing has a request for these items; low-sugar breakfast cereal, canned peaches in a lite syrup, and low sodium canned black or pinto beans.  Please continue to fill the red wagon in the lobby.  I’m still looking for a volunteer for a once-a-month pickup and delivery to MetroCareRing. Please write me! Thank you FUSD!

On July 14th Judy Endean, the President of the Board of Trustees at First Unitarian in 1993, passed away.  Judy joined the church in January of 1969 and was a passionate member of the congregation. 

Making a Difference

There Is A Unity That Makes Us One?

Thou art a man. God is no more.
Thy own humanity, learn to adore.
                                                  --William Blake


My Experience of Homelessness

In conversation over coffee after a pulpit announcement about sheltering women at the church, my fellow congregant dropped a side comment: “I lived in a shelter for a while. Years before, I was on a rafting trip when I fell out of the boat into Class 3 rapids. The two experiences were very similar. It was almost impossible to gain a foothold, to know which way was up. But fighting my way to safety in that life-threatening situation was a lot easier than fighting my way out of homelessness.”

A View From General Assembly

Last week I attended the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  This is the annual convention, business, meeting, workshop, and celebration of Unitarian Universalists from around the world.  During the three and half days that I attended, I participated in something like a dozen workshops, heard five lectures, and connected with many old and far-flung friends.