Sunday May 29th 9:15a - ONE SERVICE ONLY

Justice Over Generations 

Congregational Meeting Report and Follow Up

With much planning and forethought by many, First Unitarian held a congregational meeting last Sunday (5/22).  The intention of the meeting was to, 1) share information about the building renovation plans as they currently stand, 2) share the results of the financial feasibility study and related funding plans for the project, and 3) seek formal permission from the congregation to continue along the anticipated trajectory of those plans.  Please Read More

Annual first Unitarian Business Meeting Sunday June 5, 2016, 11:00a

Please join us as we look back at the past fiscal year and prepare for the next one. We will vote on a Faith in Action project, approve a budget, elect leaders (biographies here), hear from our new Safety Team, and generally find out what is going on. All are welcome; members who joined more than 60 days ago may vote, as outlined in the bylaws. See you there!

This Week

Metro Caring (please note the new spelling of the name of this wonderful organization) has a Food of the Month program to encourage donations of certain important food items.  March is Whole Grain Cereal or Oatmeal.  And April is Eggs. But since Easter is over and eggs are perishable, let’s bring in the January and February items: Tena and Peanut Butter. Or feel free to bring in whatever inspires you to help feed Denver;s hungry and homeless population.

from our Family Promise Guests (April rotation):
“You guys are great. Thank you for being so kind and personable to our family.” – Adam & Da Boyz.

Making a Difference

Congregational Meeting Report and Follow Up


Congregational Meeting Report and Follow Up

Pastoral Letter to First Unitarian Denver

Several people have asked me recently, “How are you doing, knowing that Rev. Beth is leaving?” The short answer is, “Well, I wish she wasn’t!” But that’s only a small piece of the real answer. Rev. Beth has done good work with us. Her style and strengths are different than mine, her ministry reaches and speaks to different people and our congregation has grown in diversity.


In a wonderful allegory, Rev. Barbara Pescan wrote:  One of the old ones stood up into the morning light and spoke to those who had come back to the river: "Now we have come again to this place; it is a good thing. My life apart from you is not as strong. Yes, I have danced and I have told the stories at my own fire and I have sung to all the six directions.


Proudly a Covenantal tradition, Covenant is our Whole Souul Living Theme for April.  In Unitarian Universalism, we are distrustful of creeds, and we mean something fairly specific when we talk about covenant.  Covenant for us is not a contract or specific promise.  Rather, our covenant is a statement of our highest, mutual aspirations.  The underlying religious premise is that how we actually live our lives is more important than what we might individually believe t


Welcome to Religious Exploration - [RE]

How to Enroll

Parents need to enroll their children in the RE program. This helps us communicate upcoming events and changes to programming. It also helps us better manage our room and journey guide resources. Our registration process is now 100% paperless. Please either register or visit our RE Welcome Table on Sundays.


Our Whole Souul Living Theme for March is Grace. The Universalist side of our heritage held grace as God’s free and unmerited love and blessing, the salvation of ALL souls. While the terminology of grace arose in Christianity, experiences of grace as oneness, glimpses of the holy, or healing transformation can be found across the world’s religions and traditions. Rev. Dr.

In Memoriam: Phyllis Dunlap

Phyllis W. Dunlap 

September 17, 1930 to December 12, 2015

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