Sunday August 24th - 9:30a

The Lessons of Newtown with First Unitarian's Gun Violence Reduction Project 

This Week

(thanks to Vicki Ferguson for the post) - On Saturday August 23rd Purna Dhvani invites you to experience the relaxing vibrations of 6 Chinese and Planet gongs, over 40 Tibetan singing bowls/crystal bowls, bells, flutes, tingshas and didgeridoos as you are guided through a chakra meditation and sound concert. You are encouraged to bring a pillow, blanket and/or mat to assist with total, soothing tranquility. Suggested Donation is $10-15. No one turned away. For more information, please contact Keith Montoya at 303-949-3757. The event will be at First Unitarian from 7:00p to 8:00p.

Please join us at the First Unitarian's Gun Violence Reduction Project's Lessons of Newtown August 24th service from 9:30a-10:30m. In addition to remarks by FUSD members Trina Seefeldt and Danica Larson, the service will include special thoughts of Jane Dougherty, the sister of Sandy Hook Elementary School psychologist Mary Sherlach, who was a Sandy Hook victim. Jane honors her sister's memory by serving as gun violence prevention advocate.

The USA Pro Challenge is a professional bike race (similar to the Tour de France) and on Sunday August 24th will be racing through the church's neighborhood.  Like most downtown events the area around Civic Center park will be closed beginning at 8:30a.  Most of the race will take place in the afternoon and won't have much effect on the Sunday service just be aware of potential delays during the setup of the course.  

Making a Difference

The Reason We Connect

Q: What are some of the reasons that you have become connected to First Unitarian Society of Denver?

Patrick C. - My goal as a Leadership Development Committee member is to assist in the process of identifying and encouraging new and ongoing leadership in our congregation. As background, I have been an active member of First Unitarian for over 20 years. I have served on a number of First Unitarian committees, been an RE teacher for many years when my sons were younger, and I am now completing my third year on the Board of Trustees.


"In war, truth is the first casualty."


Here in July of 2014, the news is dominated by war. War between Israel and the Palestinians, war in the Ukraine, war in Nigeria, war in Syria, war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan. NBC Nightly News last week headlined their coverage of Central American refugee children as, “War on the border,” making truth a casualty even in the absence of war. (Refugee children seeking safety and asylum most emphatically do NOT constitute a war.)

There Is A Unity That Makes Us One?

Thou art a man. God is no more.
Thy own humanity, learn to adore.
                                                  --William Blake