Sunday July 5th at 9:30a   

The Good Work by Rev. Mike Morran and Rev. Beth Chronister

Our good Reverends reflect upon all the goings of the Unitatarian Association and all the excitment at General Assembly.


First Unitarian is looking for it's next Director of Religious Education. and Choir Director.

This Week

Sew...come join us. Don't hem around. It'll be fun We'll be in stitches! We are going to sew the curtains for the Community Room windows put up during the WHI rotations. Bring your sewing machines, your needles, pins, and cushions Tuesday July 7 at 9a. 

Making a Difference


Broadly speaking, Liberation can be political, physical, emotional, spiritual, or all of the above.  Typically, liberation assumes a current or previous condition of being bounded or restricted, and things get interesting when we consider that it is possible to be unaware of our own bondage.  Consider this quote from Laura van Dernoot Lipsky:  “We will find the key to our liberation only when we accept that what we once did to survive is now destroying us.”

What Happened in Baltimore…

An Open letter by Dominique Christina

2015 Annual Meeting

Please plan to attend the Annual Congregational Meeting on May 31 at 11:00a! We’ll hear reports from our Abundance Ministry and Finance Council on our financial situation (a good one!), vote on the annual budget, elect candidates for the Board and other elected committees, and find out what Faith in Action has been up to (a lot!). In addition, we’ll vote on a proposed change to the bylaws regarding youth membership on the Board. The text and rational are as follows:


Vocation is the Whole Souul Living Theme for this month. The word comes from from the Christian tradition and refers to an internal calling or summons to do holy work. There is also an assumption that neary everybody has one whether they know it or not. Philosopher Sam Keen wrote: A society in which vocation and job are separated for most people gradually creates an economy that is often devoid of spirit, one that frequently fills our pocketbooks at the cost of emptying our souls.


Love has no body on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours. Yours are the eyes through which Love and compassion for the world is to look out; yours are the feet with which Love is to go about doing good; and yours are the hands with which Love is to bless us now.


An Open Letter to First Unitarian Society of Denver From Your Ministers

Dear First Unitarian,

     Last Sunday during worship (January 11th), Mike shared that there is a conversation going on at First Unitarian about whether to replace the “Civil Marriage is a Civil Right,” banner on our building with a similar banner that would read “Black Lives Matter!”


On Hallowed Ground We Live On

Ruefully We Mourn on Hallowed Ground From Whence a Resounding Moaning Train Whistle Along the Track Assures Us  - Live On - Live On - and On


salvation, n.  A saving or being saved; preservation from destruction, ruin, loss, or calamity.


The Reason We Connect

Q: What are some of the reasons that you have become connected to First Unitarian Society of Denver?

Patrick C. - My goal as a Leadership Development Committee member is to assist in the process of identifying and encouraging new and ongoing leadership in our congregation. As background, I have been an active member of First Unitarian for over 20 years. I have served on a number of First Unitarian committees, been an RE teacher for many years when my sons were younger, and I am now completing my third year on the Board of Trustees.