Auction Item Donation

The donor name as it should appear in the catalog.
The business name as it should appear in the catalog.
Name of the First Unitarian Member or Friend who solicited the donation from the business.
Please complete this information even if the church has it.

Item Donation(s) - For getaways, services, and things (ex. arts, crafts, baskets, food, etc.  These items will start with a minimum bid.

Please include information that might not be apparent on inspection (age of item, condition, vintage, provenance, etc.)
How many of these items will you offer?
Estimated value of each offering.
This is the price where the bidding begins and possibly ends.
Would you like the item returned to you if it does not sell at minimum bid?

Event Donation(s) - These will be sold as ‘fixed price’ per seat. 

How many of these events will you offer?
How many people will be able to attend?
If there is a need, would you take one more person/couple than indicated above?
Enter the total value of the event.

Because these will be FIXED PRICE ITEMS, please indicate prices below.

If applicable.
If applicable.