Caring Committee

What is the Caring Committee?

FUSD is a church built on love, service, and community.  The Caring Committee provides short term services to members and friends in times of transition, illness, or loss.  These services include sending calls, making visits, providing respite care, bringing meals, grocery shopping, making phone calls, giving rides, helping with cleaning or organization, providing child care, and helping to find long term assistance to help the congregant move towards more independence.  Members and friends may contact the Caring Committee with their own requests or requests for help for others by sending an email to  The FUSD office staff will also forward requests for assistance to the Caring Committee. 

Joining the Caring Committee

We believe that souls are grown in love and service.  Thus, all members and friends of FUSD are members of the Caring Committee as we give a helping hand to other members and congregational friends in times of need.  The Committee does not have regular meetings but can be contacted to request help for yourself or others or to volunteer your assistance by writing to us.  Members who do not wish to contact us by email, please, contact an office staff member, who will make contact for you.  We will try to respond as quickly as possible.

If you would like to be contacted to be of service through the Caring Committee, copy the following form, complete it, and send it to  We’ll put you on our list of volunteers.  Please, be aware that we greatly appreciate your willingness to help, but that you may not be contacted soon, or perhaps ever.  We are fortunate to have a loving, caring congregation that has provided us with many volunteers, and we are grateful to have more volunteers than needs.  Since we try to match volunteers carefully according to proximity and other factors, the more volunteers we have, the better the matches we can come up with.  You always have the option of declining a particular request for help if it doesn’t fit your current availability.   We have over 100 volunteers on our list.  We’d love to add your name to it.


Copy & paste this form into an e-mail and send to


Ask for assistance in the church office.                

I would like to help!  I can…

_____*Be a Dispatcher.  (Help organize care for one month for our referrals.  Computer skills are helpful. Compassion and good sense are essential.

_____*Be a Contact Person.  (Coordinate a plan to meet the needs of one referral)

_____Prepare and deliver a meal

_____*Provide a ride

_____Send cards.  (This is a three month stint, sending cards of joy, sympathy, and care.  Can be done by a family or anyone.)

_____Make home visits

_____Do yard work or housework

_____Provide child care

_____Help with a pet

_____Help with memorial receptions

______Other special skills you would like to share


* marks the jobs we have the fewest volunteers for.  


Address (including zip code)__________________________

Phone number___________________________________________



Do you need assistance or know someone in our FUSD Community who does? Contact us through or through the church office.  We’ll call you back or try to respond within a couple of days.