Committees & Teams

Abundance Committee – We encourage everyone in our community to make a financial commitment to support FUSD. This is critical to guiding the choices for what we can accomplish as a congregation each year. Without pledges we wouldn’t have our fantastic staff and we couldn’t maintain our historic facility. We greatly appreciate the financial commitments made through pledges. Contact

Caring Committee – The Caring Committee helps our souls grow in love and service.  Thus, all members and friends of FUSD are members of the Caring Committee as we give a helping hand to other members and congregational friends who are ill or have other needs.  We keep a list and you can volunteer for rides, meals, pet sitting, gardening, or serving as a liaison for a friend who is ill. 
Contact us to volunteer or to let us know about a need you or someone in the FUSD Community has, or request help from the FUSD office staff.

Committee on Ministry - Contact Jason Kenworthy. Committed to the Religious Mission and Covenant of First Unitarian Society of Denver, the Committee on Ministry encourages all aspects of congregational life to be coherent and aligned with that mission and covenant. The Committee on Ministry acts as a neutral advisory body to:

  • Facilitate the annual evaluation of the senior minister
  • Promote and facilitate a collaborative and cooperative spirit of lay and professional ministry within the society.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding any issues or grievances which are brought to the Committee.
  • Address issues of ministry, leadership and governance pertinent to the well-being of the society.
  • Serve as a resource to the ministers and the church leadership, including making recommendations for policies on covenant, safety, and behavior.
  • Mediate and resolve grievances among members of the society and between members and the minister, if necessary.
  • Conduct the procedures outlined in the Conflict Resolution and Disruptive Behavior policies as needed, or at the request of the Board of Trustees.

Connections Ministry - The Connections Ministry is responsible for helping First Unitarian members, friends and visitors build and strengthen the connections that make our community a loving, supportive and spiritual place to belong. We strive to welcome people of all ages and classes, sexual orientations, gender identities/expressions, races/ethnicities, spiritual traditions, and abilities. Contact Noelle Botti or Mary Hilken.

Faith in Action Council – The standing committee that works with project teams and congregation members to who are addressing identified injustices. Members oversee the approved projects and support Justice circles as they are created. The team take leadership in reviewing proposed Justice projects at the end of each year and proposes them to the congregation for approval at the congregational meeting. Contact Brad Silsby or Stephanie Walton.

Finance Council - is committed to openness and transparency in managing and monitoring the financial resources of FUSD.  The responsibilities of the Finance Council according to the FUSD bylaws (Article VIII, Sections 2-4) include the following:

  • Providing current monthly statements on income, expenditures, and balances for all accounts to the regular meetings of the Board of Trustees and the Society
  • Supervising the pledge campaign
  • Drafting the annual operating budget and providing it to the Board of Trustees and the Society for approval
  • Managing investments and endowments of the Society
  • Overseeing other finance and fund raising issues as they arise
  • Presenting an Annual Report to the Society on its financial condition
  • Convening the Ministerial Compensation Committee
  • Conducting year-end analysis of financial accounts and reporting to Board and the Society

Members of the FUSD Finance Council July 2014 through June 2015 include:

  • Andrea Mitchell - Chair
  • Peggy Streit - Treasurer
  • Craig Davison - Assistant Treasurer
  • Don Martell
  • Janet Kennedy
  • Colleen Bryan (representative from the Board of Directors)
  • Jason Kenworthy (representative from Abundance)
  • Mike Morran (ex officio)

Any member of the Finance Council can help you with questions.

Leadership Development Committee - The goal of the FUSD Leadership Development Committee is to sustain, support and nurture FUSD's congregational leaders.  To this end, we identify and develop new and potential leaders, provide information about best practices for group process and organizational structure, and offer workshops and other opportunities for ongoing leadership development and training. Workshops are open to all interested FUSD members. - contact Mary Sullivan or Justin Silverstein (co-chair).

Long Term Sustainability Committee - We plan to provide education and resources for members and Friends of First Unitarian to include our church in their financial and estate planning. If you are a financial planner, financial advisor, or estate attorney, we are requesting your help to put this program together for our church members. Contact Peggy Streit or Andrea Mitchell.

Ministerial Search Committee - Inactive

Music Committee - Contact Carol Lassen.

Personnel Committee- Inactive

Religious Exploration Committee – First Unitarian has a vibrant Religious Exploration (RE) program for young people from preschool to high school, with nursery care also provided. We have a thriving family community and an engaging Sunday School programs which includes workshop rotation for elementary aged children. Theologically, our Religious Exploration Program seeks to provide children and youth with a meaningful, faith based, non-doctrinal religious education - contact Erin Kenworthy.

Property Management Committee - contact Stu Ferguson.

UU Affairs Committee - This new committee has been formed to explore ways FUSD can better connect with the wider community (including such groups as the UUA, General Assembly, the Western Region, the Mountain Desert District, the Boulder Denver Cluster, Together Colorado, Create Meaning, the Russell Lockwood Leadership School, and our Beloved Community Minster). Read the UU Affairs Committee Booklet to learn more.- Inactive Committee. Contact Glenn Barrows.

Volunteer Committee - contact Glenn Barrows.

Worship Committee – contact Helen Berkman.