Diversity and Inclusivity

Guided by our principles, Unitarian Universalists (UUs) are called to work for racial and social justice; to nurture religious communities that are inclusive of people of all races, ethnicities, sexualities, gender, and cultural backgrounds; and to dismantle racism and other oppressions at home and in our larger society.

Here is a Gender Identity Video our middle school class produced in partnership with The Center exploring gender identity:

Multiculturalism means nurturing a religious community where people of all races, ethnicities, and cultures see their cultural identities reflected and affirmed in every aspect of congregational life—worship, fellowship, leadership, governance, religious education, social justice, etc. Multiculturalism means that we create religious homes where encounters between people of different cultural identities intersect with Unitarian Universalism to create a fully inclusive community where, in the words of a vision statement adopted by the Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA) Leadership Council, “all people are welcomed as blessings and the human family lives whole and reconciled.”

Multiculturalism means:

  • We welcome each other into shared community just as we are;
  • We welcome the many ways that people define, express, and experience the Holy and respect what is considered sacred in our diverse cultures;
  • We understand public witness and all social justice work as ministry in partnership with communities to make the world more compassionate, equitable and just—a place that is safe, nurturing, supportive, and fair for all people;
  • We support communities and individuals in their search for truth and meaning—and a sense of aliveness—in their quest to make a positive difference in the world;
  • We offer mutual aid and comfort through life’s challenges in ways that meet everyone’s cultural, as well as personal, needs;
  • We recognize that there are many cultural languages (words, symbols, acts) that manifest in worship, fellowship, pastoral care, etc.