Giving in Action Information Form

First Unitarian Society of Denver is a religiously liberal congregation composed of people of good will from all religious backgrounds.  As part of our commitment to put faith into action, the Church has made direct giving a priority and has pledged to donate all offertory contributions made on two Sundays a month to charitable non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations.  
Giving in Action is a sub-committee of the Congregation’s Faith in Action Council and is responsible for inviting and evaluating candidates for this unique opportunity.  Giving in Action is charged with identifying organizations that are effective, efficient, and well organized, and whose mission, goals and activities are aligned with FUSD values and priorities.
Typically about 400 people attend Sunday morning services.  On the designated Sundays we invite a representative from the selected charitable organization to make a short (two minute) presentation about their organization to the Congregation at the time of the offertory..
We invite you to fill out this application if your organization is interested in being a recipient of our giving program.  Please send a copy of your organization's IRS determination letter and non-discrimination policy to
Name of the organization or group applying.
Please include the name/phone/cell of the person representing the organization to the congregation.


What is your organization's Mission Statement?
Please briefly describe your accomplishments.
What societal problem does your organization address?
Please describe your clients or the population you serve.
Number of clients served annually.
What is the organizations annual operating budget?
What percentage of the operating budget is allocated to program or services?
Please describe your business organizational structure, including entities that have control over your operations.
Is your organization a 501(c)(3)?
Were you audited or reviewed within the past two years? If not, can you describe your fiscal oversight process?
What is your connection to First Unitarian? How did you receive this application?
Please describe how a potential $1,000 donation would help you provide better services or advocate for your target population.
Does your work focus on immediate needs or long term solutions or change? Please describe.
How do you measure success?
Are you or a representative of your organization available to present your organization to the congregation from 9:00a to 11:30a on your assigned Sunday (arranged with our representative)? If so, please list them at the top of this form.