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STEWARDSHIP at First Unitarian
All that you gain from First Unitarian is made possible by the time, talents and treasure of each and every congregant.  We cannot accomplish the successes, achievements and exciting transformation of our community without you! 
Your pledges, along with those of the entire congregation, allow us to recruit and keep extraordinary staff as well as keep the lights on, water running, and building heated.  It allows for the hosting of local organizations and community members and the social justice accomplishments that we are known for.  Your pledge reflects the gratitude you feel for our spiritual home.
How Much Should I Pledge?
As you consider your financial position and giving plans for the year, please:
  • Consider how First Unitarian serves you and the Denver community (and beyond!).
  • Consider that First Unitarian needs an average increased pledge of $20 a month in order to reach our goal for this year.
  • Remember that First Unitarian pays a total of $86 per member to the Mountain Desert District ($26) and the UUA ($60).
  • Consider giving based on a percentage of income.  Many members strive for 5% of their household income.
  • The Unitarian Universalist Association produced a Fair Share Giving Guide that may guide your giving. (hyperlink to
  • We recognize that everyone cannot give equally.  Your giving communicates and demonstrates your connection to this spiritual home.  It is an expression of your life circumstances, hopes, dreams, and ideals.
  • Consider your values, commitment, your income and your needs.    Then….
  • Please give as generously as you can to fuel First Unitarian’s flame!
We invite you to contact our Development Coordinator, Karen Derrick-Davis or your Stewardship Ambassador if you want to discuss your pledge further.


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