New Genesis

New Genesis is Denver’s only shelter for working people.  New Genesis addresses homelessness as a temporary, correctable situation in a person’s life rather than a permanent (if lamentable) condition.  As such, New Genesis emphasizes care management that outlines specific behavioral objectives for each resident, addressing the ability to live more productive and independent lives, maintain jobs, and help improve the lives of other residents. Residents are required to be substance free and hold full time jobs. Each year, New Genesis assists over 600 people off the streets and back into a fully productive lifestyle.  Programming at New Genesis includes:
  • An Orientation Phase: New Genesis provides a thorough evaluation of the strengths a client brings into the experience and an individual service plan is developed.
  • A Residential Phase: Clients focus on continued sobriety, increasing employment opportunities, restoring credit, and saving money.
  • A Mentoring Phase: Graduates are challenged to give back to other clients of the program by facilitating group counseling and developing a speaker's bureau that communicates the work of New Genesis throughout the community.
For many years First Unitarian members and friends have converged on the church kitchen the third Saturday of every month from 9:00a to 11:00a to chop and cook a meal for 40 residents of New Genesis.  You, too, can show up with an apron and join in the camaraderie to help cook and transport food to the shelter.  The current leadership for First Unitarian's project is Mary Kay Myers, who can be reached at 303-335-7326.